是否常常在遇到寫生日賀詞時 想不出來呢?分享一些常用的英文生日賀詞 希望對大家有幫助!

1.happy birthday,may you be happy always.


2.happy birthday, wish you have a great birthday day


3.We hope that you enjoy this special day and your birthday grows happier by the minute!


4.happy birthday, wish all your dreams come true.


5.Happy birthday. I hope today treats you well.


6.Happy birthday. May gladness fill your every hour on this special day.


7.Many happy returns of this special day. All our best wishes go to you on your birthday.


8.Affectionate birthday greetings. Birthday means a new beginning and a new chance to take hold on life.


9.Permit me to congratulate you on reaching another of these anniversary landmarks today. May each day be as happy as your birthday. Have a wonderful birthday!


10.Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life\'s way. May your birthday be happy in more ways than one.

每個生日都是我們人生之旅的一個里程碑,願你的生日百事順意。( )

11.Wishing you a birthday that is among your very best. I hope that all the years ahead will be as happy as you have been in the past.


12.Wishing you a happy birthday! May the best and loving things be some of the joy your birthday brings.


13.May you keep in good health and good spirit both on your birthday and all through the year. Hope your birthday is happy and your wishes all come true.


14.Warm wishes on your birthday. I send along my love and affection for you as well as a small gift. Take care!


15.May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring all the best things you are looking forward to.


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